Weddings at TLC

A Message to the Couple

We want to extend our warmest congratulations as you prepare to enter into the profound commitment of marriage. That a man and a woman such as yourselves would be united in this way was God’s plan right from the very beginning, even before sin and brokenness entered the world. When the Lord created the world, he looked upon Adam whom he had made and said, “It is not good that the man should be alone” (Genesis 2:18). And so out of the man, the Lord made woman – both created in God’s image – and he announced his design: “Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh” (Genesis 2:24). Marriage is such a sacred union to God that he points to the relationship of Jesus Christ to his church as a model for the relationship between a husband and wife (see Ephesians 5:22-33).

We, here at Trinity Lutheran Church, are honored to serve you as you prepare for and celebrate this wonderful commitment.  This wedding guide is meant to aid you as you plan for your wedding day. It includes important items you will want to consider. However, you will undoubtedly have additional questions and details that this guide does not cover. We are here to help you in all these matters and to bless you in whatever way we can to make your wedding day joyful and memorable. May God fill your preparations with his peace!


Wedding Coordinators

Our wedding coordinators have the hearts of servants and are here to walk alongside you, up to and through the day of your wedding. They serve as your primary resource from Trinity Lutheran Church for your preparation needs and will help ensure that your planning process and day of marriage run smoothly. Upon your scheduling of a wedding date, a coordinator will reach you and will give you their contact information so that you can remain in touch throughout your preparations. You should consult with the coordinator about any items with regard to planning specifics and Trinity Lutheran Church property. While our pastors will assist in laying out the details of what will take place within the wedding service itself, our coordinators oversee the planning logistics. They are eager to serve you and to answer your questions, so you are invited to contact them any time you need them.


Wedding Officiants & Marriage Preparation

The pastoral staff at Trinity Lutheran Church is privileged to share in the joy of your marriage preparation and wedding service. Prior to your wedding day, the pastor that will officiate your wedding will visit with both of you together on several occasions. The purpose of these conversations is to help you nurture your relationship in ways that prepare you to receive the blessings that God has in store for you in marriage. In order for these dialogues to be beneficial, both the man and the woman should come willing to discuss issues that are integral to a vibrant marriage. In addition, time during these sessions will be devoted to planning the details of your wedding service. Our pastors look forward to providing you spiritual care and to sharing God’s blessings with you throughout this journey and on into your lives as a new family.

The pastoral staff at Trinity Lutheran Church conducts all weddings to take place on the campus of the congregation.


The Wedding Service

The wedding service is a celebrative occasion! Its purpose is for a man and a woman to be united by God in a faithful, lifelong relationship. At the heart of such a ceremony is that the bride and groom root their marriage in the sacrificial love of Christ, “who loved the church and gave himself up for her” (Ephesians 5:25). With this in mind, you and the pastor will together lay out a beautiful service that elevates your mutual commitment and God’s blessing upon it. Each element should bring appropriate honor to the occasion and glorify the Lord. In order for the planning of the service to proceed as smoothly as possible and to avoid the necessity of untimely changes, please plan and confirm each element of the service with the pastor who will officiate your wedding.   


Scheduling Your Wedding

  • Date of Wedding - Weddings must be scheduled with Trinity Lutheran Church at least 6 months before the ceremony date. This allows adequate time for marriage preparation to take place with the pastor. Rare exceptions may be made.

  • Time of Wedding - Ceremonies on Saturdays may not begin later than 4:00 p.m. due to regularly scheduled Saturday worship times. Wedding services scheduled on days other than Saturday may not have such time restrictions.

  • Reservation Deposit - A reservation deposit of $200 is due in order to guarantee reservation of Trinity Lutheran Church facilities. See “Fees & Financial Considerations” below for the refund policy.

  • Wedding Rehearsal - There is need for one rehearsal prior to your ceremony. Please schedule the date and time of this rehearsal at the same time you schedule your wedding service. The rehearsal is normally held the evening before the service.


Facility Considerations

While some details of our facility offerings are listed below, please call the church office to schedule a tour so that you have a clearer vision of everything available for your preparations.

  • Sanctuary Seating - There are 19 full rows of seating available on the east side of the sanctuary (right side facing the altar), and 15 full rows available on the west side (left side facing the altar). Approximate seating capacity is 300.

  • Areas of Usage - Included for your use are the Fellowship Hall, an adjacent kitchen space, and areas for dressing/securing personal items.

  • Building Access - Your wedding coordinator will arrange access to the facility to accommodate your needs. On the day of the service, guests will enter through the south doors. However, the east doors are available for those in need of an elevator.

  • Music Furnishings - A classic pipe organ, piano, and area for electronically fed vocals/instrumentation are available for music selections.  Your wedding coordinator will provide you with a selection of organists.

  • Media - High quality screening and audio capabilities are available for use before, during, and after the wedding service. Please consult your wedding coordinator for details.

  • Food & Beverage - Food and beverages are to be consumed and remain on the lower level of the church building. Water may be brought into the sanctuary.

  • Alcohol - Because Trinity Lutheran School is located on the campus of Trinity Lutheran Church, alcohol is prohibited on the church premises.




Decoration Considerations

The wedding party is responsible for any special decorations in the sanctuary and facility, including flowers. After the conclusion of the ceremony, you must arrange for the sanctuary and facility to be returned to its initial condition. We have provided some helpful guidelines in your decoration planning:

  1. Flowers placed on the altar stands may be real or artificial. If the flowers are real, vase liners are available from the church and should be picked up a couple days before the wedding and taken to your florist. If desired, flowers may be left for use in the weekend worship services at Trinity.

  2. Flower petals may not be dropped on the floor as part of the processional.

  3. Bows may be placed on the pews, and the church has hooks available for this use. Please do not use tacks.

  4. Additional candelabras may be used. Great care must be taken to prevent the dripping of wax on the slate floor. Plastic sheets must be placed under all candelabras, regardless of whether “dripless” candles are used.

  5. A “unity candle” may be used in the service, and must be provided by the wedding party. The church has a holder for a unity candle for your use, if you desire.

  6. An aisle runner is discouraged, as it can become very slick and dangerous to tread with the tile flooring underneath.

  7. Be very cautious if you place candles on the pews. They will protrude about 8 inches into the aisle and fall at risk of being knocked over.

  8. The throwing of rice, birdseed, or use of “silly string” or confetti is not permitted inside or outside the church facility, as they are difficult to clean. Other celebrative tokens, such as bubbles, should be employed outside of the facility.



Photography & Video

Photographers and videographers are certainly welcome to capture your memorable day. The following guidelines will help avoid rushed timing and disruption, and should be communicated to the photographer.

  1. Pictures scheduled before the service must be completed a minimum of one hour before the service starts. This pertains to all pictures taken inside or outside the building. This allows the wedding party, pastor, and guests sufficient time to make final preparations.

  2. Flash pictures may not be taken during the wedding service. Ensure that both your photographer and your guests are aware of this. The easiest way to inform your guests is to place a note in your service program that reads: “Trinity Lutheran Church requests that pictures not be taken during the wedding service.”

  3. While videographers are welcome to record the service, ask your wedding coordinator about video capability wired into the church’s facility.


Wedding License

It is suggested that you obtain your wedding license one month before your wedding. Please bring the license to the church building on the day of the wedding.


Fees & Financial Considerations

Reservation Deposit*                   $200

Total Standard Fee                       $650 (this includes the reservation deposit)

Optional Fees

Organist                                         $100

Soloist/Instrumentalists                To be arranged by wedding party

*The $200 reservation deposit will be cashed by the church upon receipt. Cancellation 6 months or more prior to the ceremony date will result in a full refund of the deposit. Cancellation within 6 months of the scheduled ceremony will result in no refund. The balance of the total fees is due 7 days prior to the date of the wedding service.

Please make checks payable to “Trinity Lutheran Church.”